125th Anniversary Congress of IUFOR takes place in Freiburg (Germany), 18-22.09.2016

The yearly congress of the International Union of Forest Research Organizations in 2017 is hosted by TECH4EFFECT partner University of Freiburg. For more information visit the conference website. Several TECH4EFFECT parters are taking part with oral or poster presentations:

Monday 18.09.2017; 16:30-19:00; Session 169 – Raffaele Spinelli (CNR): Managing knife wear and chipper settings to increase productivity, fuel efficiency and product quality (92)

Tuesday 19.09.2017; 15:00-17:00; Session 82a – Raffaele Spinelli (CNR): Harvesting of traditional coppice stands: results from 40 years of European research (93)

Wednesday 20.09.2017; 8:00-10:00; Session 168a – Christian Kanzian (BOKU): Green logistics and multi-criteria optimization in biomass supply – methods and challenges: a review (3608)

10:30-12:00; Session 125 organized by Bruce Talbot (NIBIO): D3 Planning methods in ensuring a continued licence to practice

Thursday 21.09.2017; 8:00-10:00; Session 10 organised by Dirk Jäger (Uni Freiburg): D3 Innovations in forest operations for better serving evolving social needs; Talk by Bruce Talbot (NIBIO): Modelling changes in surface flow after skid trail constriction in steep terrain (4052)

Friday 22.09.2017; 8:00-10:00; Session 202 – Franz Holzleitner (BOKU): Cable tension monitoring and setup time of winch assisted single-grip harvesters and forwarders in steep terrain operations (3656)


Wednesday PS-168Bruce Talbot (NIBIO): Site level evaluation of traffic and soil disturbance after cut-to-length harvesting (473)

Friday PS-3 – Franz Holzleitner (BOKU): Harvester performance in thinning operations based on automatically recorded machine data combined with onboard video capturing (3686)