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Publication: Decreasing Fuel Consumption of Excavator-Based Harvesters with Machine Control System

Compared with purpose-built units, excavator-based harvesters offer many advantages, but they consume more fuel. Fuel efficiency can be increased by a better interface between the excavator and the harvester head. Spinelli et al from CNR just published testing results of a new adaptation kit in Forests 2019 (10(1), 43; https://doi.org/10.3390/f10010043). The kit is specifically designed […]

Consortium meeting in Finland

We are currently in Joensuu, Finland for our TECH4EFFECT consoritum meeting. Thanks to LUKE for the warm welcome in their beautiful wooden office building! Sign up to our newsletter to receive major updates from TECH4EFFECT: Newsletter subscription

20 November 2018, FTP conference 2018, Vienna, Austria

‘Vision 2040: The future role of the forest bioeconomy in Europe’ is the focus of this conference on the 20th of November 2018 in Vienna. Don’t miss this chance discuss the future of forests and their role in the bioeconomy and meet Gernot Erber from BOKU and Daniela Fichtenbauer from RTDS. Participation is free of […]

SGGW field trip for silviculture case study

Partners from SGGW visited case study areas for the silvicultural work package (WP2) in the Polanów Forest District to identify most productive silvicultural systems, techniques and technologies and assess them. This State Forest District is located in the northern part of Poland, with about 91,000 m3 of wood harvested annually, mainly pine, beech, spruce and […]

First public deliverable: Identifying and extending key silvicultural systems

The silviculture work package (WP2) focuses on the optimization of the access to wood resources. This goal involves two main aspects: The evaluation of appropriate silvicultural operations, and The application of appropriate harvesting techniques – aiming at the promotion of mechanized systems wherever possible. Appropriate silvicultural measures are principally intended to increase wood production, maintain […]


The 51 International Symposium on Forestry Mechanization from 25-27 September 2018 in Madrid has an impressive list of talks from TECH4EFFECT partners, on a wide range of topics. Most of our project is covered in those talks: advances in forestry mechanization, our efficiency portal, fuel efficiency in harvesting, an app for motor-manual bucking and much […]

Newsletter August 2018

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Field tests: forest road bearing capacity

What´s going on under your truck wheel? BOKU is preparing for field tests in the North of Austria. Special soil sensors have been burried to investigate the impact of harsh weather conditions on forest road bearing capacity. High resolution soil parameters and weather data are captured and transmitted to BOKU for analysis, contributing to work […]

Two new partners in TECH4EFFECT!

Confirming the high relevance of research and innovation in TECH4EFFECT, two additional organisations have recently joined the TECH4EFFECT consortium. The Department of Forest Work Science and Engineering from the University of Goettingen (Germany) is continuing the work previously done at Freiburg University on timber harvesting and site impact. The South African Stellenbosch University is a […]