Newsletter January 2018

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TECH4EFFECT Newsletter January 2018

  • TECH4EFFECT explained in 2 minutes – animation
  • What is the TECH4EFFECT efficiency portal?
  • Already five countries to send data to the Efficiency Portal
  • From biomass to consumer products: BBI Stakeholder day


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New Infographics Section!

Our first infographic has just been uploaded to our new Infographics section in the media corner! Soon you will find there not only infographics about TECH4EFFECT but also about sustainable forest mangement and forests in general!

TECH4EFFECT basic infographic

TECH4EFFECT videos and animations

The new overview of videos in our media corner makes sure you don’t loose track of our growing collection of project videos on YouTube! Check out if you have seen them all already:

TECH4EFFECT videos and animations

First field trials with bucking app

The Bucking App is a software for mobile devices to calculate into which length and parts to cut a tree in terms of revenue during motor-manual harvesting operations. Jointly developed by BOKU, Latschbacher and the Austrian Federal Forests (ÖBf), first field tests were conducted recently in Austria.

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First publication out! Review on Remote and Proximal Sensing for Improved Precision in Forest Operations

The first review coming out of TECH4EFFECT has just been published in the Croatian Journal of Forestry Engineering (CROJFE):

Applications of Remote and Proximal Sensing for Improved Precision in Forest Operations

Bruce Talbot, Marek Pierzchała and Rasmus Astrup provide an overview of recent developments in remote and proximal sensing technologies and their basic applicability to various aspects of forest operations.

Read the abstract or download it:

General characterisation of sensor deployment platform to spatial coverage and temporal resolution (adapted from Pierzchała 2017)

Successful TECH4EFFECT field trials with cut-to-length machines to reduce fuel consumption

Project partners LUKE, CNR-IVALSA and PONSSE successfully conducted field trials near Jyväskylä, Finland, on the efficiency of cut-to-length harvesting machines in cooperation with a contractor and their operators. The aim was to reduce the fuel consumption of harvesters during cut-to-length operations by applying various technical settings to the machines, like idle times, engine settings and fine-tuning of hydraulic power supply components.

A team of three to seven researchers, three operators and representatives of the manufacturer was working on site, collecting lots of measurements, study data and video material. Three different PONSSE harvesters were studied but similar measures can then also be applied for other machine types, such as forwarders used in timber extraction.

Project information in Italian available

Information about TECH4EFFECT is now also available in Italian!

Have a look at our flyer for an overview, or check out the poster for details!





The first video has been added to our YouTube channel! Timber harvesting on steep slope!