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TECH4EFFECT final event highlights research impacts, provides informed dialogue on forest operations

The TECH4EFFECT final event showcased results and provided informed dialogue on digitalisation, wood supply and forest technologies.

Michael Viertbauer from Latschbacher talks about app development carried out with scientists across the project

TECH4EFFECT app developer says that from a technical point-of-view the speed of forestry digitalisation could progress much quicker than it is currently.

TECH4EFFECT presents at EU Green Week Event

TECH4EFFECT joined four other RTDS projects and the Head of the BBI JU in the EU Green Week Partner Event: The Market-Driven Circular and Bioeconomy.

T4E Final Event

The TECH4EFFECT final event will be held on Thursday, 10 June, from 9:00 am to 12 noon. Deadline for registration: Monday, 7 June.

TECH4EFFECT presents at European Biomass Conference & Exhibition

Astrup says that the key to big data use in forestry rests on core narratives that will drive new business models, further efficiency gains.

TECH4EFFECT, ForestWISE and rePLANt meet for scientific exchange

Continued collaboration between European scientists is in line with the spirit of publicly funded European research, development and innovative aims to make valuable impacts in the forest sector.

Digitalised forest technologies in steep terrain harvesting

SILVISMART sparks innovation in Konrad Forsttechnik’s latest onboard computer control system used in cable yarding technology in steep terrain harvesting.

Increase in profit margins with energy-recuperating, slack-pulling carriages in cable yarding

In the first study of its kind, TECH4EFFECT partners reveal that energy-recuperating, slack-pulling carriages in cable yarding have the potential to improve profit margins.

New models developed on the cutting duration, fuel consumption for CTL single grip harvester sawing units

T4E partner, Luke, publishes research paper in the European Journal of Forest Research.

New publication out now! Productivity in Mechanizing Early Tending in Spruce Seedling Stands

Johanna Routa from TECH4EFFECT partner LUKE Finland and two of her colleagues – Yrjö Nuutinen and Antti Asikainen – recently published a study on a comparison of the productivity of mechanized tending with the Cutlink device to manual tending in spruce seedling stands in central Finland.

For this publication “Productivity in Mechanizing Early Tending in Spruce Seedling Stands” the productivity, fuel consumption and quality of seedling stands after pre-commercial thinning were measured.



You can find the full article on the website of the Croatian Journal of Forest Engineering (CROJFE) or as PDF on our website!



Routa J., Nuutinen Y. and A. Asikainen

Productivity in Mechanizing Early Tending in Spruce Seedling Stands

Croatian Journal of Forest Engineering (CROJFE), 2019

Volume 40, issue 1, pages 1-10