6 – 10 October 2019, FORMEC – COFE, Sopron, Hungary – with TECH4EFFECT session

The 52 edition of the symposium ‘Forestry Mechanization’ or FORMEC will be held together with the 42 edition of the Council on Forest Engineering (COFE). This year TECH4EFFECT has its’ own session at FORMEC! Also this is the first time for a COFE meeting taking place in Europe – in Sopron, Hungary. Join also the field trip to Forchtenstein in Austria to attend AUSTROFOMA, the only Austrian forestry machine and device demonstration where all the machines on display are shown performing real-life tasks.

The TECH4EFFECT session includes the following presentations:

  • Raffaele Spinelli, Angelo Conrado de Arruda Moura: Productivity and fuel consumption of heavy forwarders under different configurations: benchmarks from fleet-level long-term records (one million loads) (A-0071)
  • Thomas Varch, Gernot Erber, Raffaele Spinelli, Karl Stampfer: High voltage: Effect of an energy recuperating carriage on fuel consumption and productivity during whole tree cable yarding operations (A-0055)
  • Bruce Talbot, Omar Mologni, Nicholas Clarke, Marek Pierzchala, Rasmus Astrup: A micro-catchment approach to measuring surface run-off after cable logging (A-0152)
  • Thomas Holzfeind, Christian Kanzian, Karl Stampfer, Franz Holzleitner: Assessing Cable Tensile Forces of Winch-Assisted Forwarders on Steep Terrain under Real Working Conditions (A-0061)
  • Cameron Leslie, Colin Koszman, James Hunt, Rien Visser, Hunter Harrill, Dominik Roeser: Factors Affecting Productivity and Utilisation of Winch-Assist Machines: Six Case Studies in New Zealand and Canada (A-0115)
  • Gernot Erber, Raffaele Spinelli, Giovanna Ottaviani Aalmo, Dirk Jaeger, Marian Schönauer, Stephan Hoffmann, Bruce Talbot, Karl Stampfer: Flat and wet: Cable yarding on sensitive soils in Europe – motivations, challenges and potential (A-0054)

More details and registration on the conference website.