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Fuel economy tests – harvesters

In August LUKE, CNR-IVALSA and PONSSE successfully conducted field trials near Jyväskylä, Finland, on the efficiency of cut-to-length harvesting machines in cooperation with a contractor and their operators.

The aim was to reduce the fuel consumption of harvesters during cut-to-length operations by applying various technical settings to the machines, like idle times, engine settings and fine-tuning of hydraulic power supply components. A team of three to seven researchers, three operators and representatives of the manufacturer was working on site, collecting lots of measurements, study data and video material. Three different PONSSE harvesters were studied but similar measures can then also be applied for other machine types, such as forwarders used in timber extraction.

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UPDATE! Results publication now available in our publication section: http://www.tech4effect.eu/media-corner/publications/#toggle-id-2

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Video: harvester on steep slope supported by traction winch


The first video has been added to our YouTube channel! Timber harvesting on steep slope!