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September 2020, FORMEC, Oregon/USA

PRE-ANNOUNCEMENT Due to Corona virus the planned FORMEC conference that was scheduled to take place in the USA in 2020 will be moved to June 2021. Stay in touch to keep updated on which TECH4EFFECT will be representing the project and what results they are going to showcase there!

22-24 September 2020, Forest Operations for the Future Conference, Copenhagen

PRE-ANNOUNCEMENT The “Forest Operations for the Future Conference will be held in Copenhagen from September 22-24, 2020. Organised by the Department of Geoscience and Natural Resource Management of the University of Copenhagen, the Nordic-Baltic forestry sector will address the future research and innovation needs within forest operations. One of the most important questions to investigate […]

Event report – T4E presents at biomass heating fair Progetto Fuoco

TECH4EFFFECT Italian consortium partners, the national alliance of forest companies, CONAIBO, and the national research council, CNR IBE, attended the world’s leading biomass heating industry event, Progetto Fuoco, in Verona, Italy in February to present the TECH4EFFECT project and SILVISMART Efficiency Portal by focusing on efficient wood procurement. TECH4EFFECT promotes and creates methods, tools, business […]

3-5 June 2020, TEUFOR, Kraków/Poland

PRE-ANNOUNCEMENT From June 3-5* 2020 the TEUFOR conference will take place in Kraków/ Poland. The topic is “Modern Technologies and Engineering in Sustainable Forest Utilization“. Main objectives of the event are: “Presenting and discussing current scientific and practical achievements in the field of forest utilization based on forest technique and engineering development in terms of […]

Public deliverable out now! Establishment of terrain accessibility maps for 4 case study areas

Forest soils can be disturbed or even damaged by a range of activities, most prominently in the form of soil compaction and soil displacement, frequently resulting in rutting. This may cause massive drawbacks on permanent accessibility to forest stands and a deterioration of future growing potential. Also, tree diseases (such as root rot) could spread […]

New publication out now! Productivity in Mechanizing Early Tending in Spruce Seedling Stands

Johanna Routa from TECH4EFFECT partner LUKE Finland and two of her colleagues – Yrjö Nuutinen and Antti Asikainen – recently published a study on a comparison of the productivity of mechanized tending with the Cutlink device to manual tending in spruce seedling stands in central Finland. For this publication “Productivity in Mechanizing Early Tending in […]