First field trials with bucking app

The Bucking App is a software for mobile devices to calculate into which length and parts to cut a tree in terms of revenue during motor-manual harvesting operations. Jointly developed by BOKU, Latschbacher and the Austrian Federal Forests (ÖBf), first field tests were conducted recently in Austria.

The App recommends the optimal bucking scheme based on contractual data (allowed assortments and respective prices) and tree parameters (species, breast height (DBH), tree length, crown share, quality distribution). The Bucking App will act as :

  • guidance for infrequent harvesting (small-scale farmers, etc.)
  • training tool (forest training centres, forest high schools) and
  • recording and calibration tool for professional forest workers.

First tests on a steep slope with mainly mature Norway Spruce were recently hosted by ÖBf in Styria, Austria.

For more details, read the full report of this field trial.


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