25-29 September 2017, FORMEC, Brasov, Romania

The 50th Anniversary meeting of FORMEC takes place in Brasov (Romania), 25-29.09.2017.

This International Symposium on Forestry Mechanization is the most important event for forest technology. In 2017 it is beeing organized by TECH4EFFECT partner BOKU. For more information and to register have a look at the conference website. Several TECH4EFFECT partners are contributing:

Tuesday 26.09, 09:30 Karl Stampfer (BOKU) is giving a keynote lecture.

15:00 Session B1: Raffaele Spinelli (CNR): Determining chipper maintenance cost as a function of chipper type, age and annual use

Wednesday 27.09, 08:30 Session D1: Dirk Jäger (Uni Freiburg): Use of timber harvesting data from single grip harvesters

11:00 Session B3: Gernot Erber (BOKU): Impact of splitting on the drying performance of poplar logs stored in piles for energy purposes

14:30 Session A4: Bruce Talbot (NIBIO): New techniques for estimating the extent, severity and distribution of soli disturbance from machine traffic during clearfell harvesting


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